Why I am "Coach"

I wanted to take a moment to address my nickname.  Did I make a long and entertaining post about this exact issue several years ago?  Possibly.

On about my second day in the Army, we were talking about our former jobs.  I used to be a high school wrestling coach.  Also I supervised the weight room and ran the football strength and conditioning. Anyhow, one guy just started calling me “Coach” from then on. 

I didn’t do anything to discourage it. Some guys got brutal nicknames, and I figured that if I already had a decent one, it would pre-empt names like “Sh*tbird” or “Suicide Girl”.  Pretty soon, everybody called me Coach.  Eventually, even my drill sergeants did.  (Sometimes they called me “Cooch” or “Couch”)  This name followed me through my army career.

Even though my last name was on the front of my uniform, it is hard to pronounce.  And I would bet 80% of the people I met in the Army remember me simply as Coach.

I created this blog while I was in the Army, so “Coach’s Blog” was the natural name.  Some of my old army buddies still read it, so I just kept it the way it was.

Do I purport to “coach” anyone anymore?  No.  It does sound a little pretentious, now that all I blog about is lifting.  So I might someday change it.

As an interesting sidenote, 3 times in the last few powerlifting meets I’ve done, I’ve had a friend with me who was a less experienced lifter.  And all three times I ended up unintentionally screwing them over by my incompetence.  Those will be good stories for later.


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