Do not wait until tomorrow to pleasure your girlfriend. DO IT NOW.

High Bar Squat: 45×4, 95×3, 145×2, 195×1, 239×1, 275×1, 305×1, 325×1, 345×1, 360×1, 370×1, 375×1

Starting the record book over now that I know I am doing it right.  Ish.

You know what?  Why do I even put reps, since I do so many singles?  I’m not putting it unless I’m doing more than one. Also not putting my total reps.  I do still count them, and I do try to either beat my total or use more weight on the volume reps.

Bottom Position Squats: #13 225, #13 295, #13 330, #12 355, #12 380, #11 405, #11 420, #10 425, #10 455, #9 475, #9 495

High Bar Squat: 225, 275, 315, 325, 330, 335, 340, 345, 225×2, 235×3, 240×4, 245×3

Push Press: 45×6, 95×3, 145×2, 195, 215, 229; 185, 190, 195, 200, 205, 210, 185×2,3

Deadlift: 185×3, 255×2, 375×1, 395×2

RDL: 185×2, 255×1, 300×3; 215×3

Chinups: 5×4

Neck work

Now for an anecdote:  Yesterday, this college kid was deadlifting.  He is moderately strong, but more interested in bodybuilding.  He is friends with some of my friends but usually I just ignore him.  I’ve seen him pull 365 for 2 with straps and no belt.  Some of my pals were watching him as he tried for 405 – which he couldn’t budge.

“Give it another shot,” they urged him.  I offered him the use of my power belt, and showed him how to use it.

“I dunno,” he said, “maybe I’ll just try it again in a few days.”

“WHAT?!” I pretended to be outraged.  “Is that what you tell your girlfriend when you can’t get it up?  ‘I’ll try again in a few days?’  Put that belt on, get your head right, and go lift it!”

So he went over, and…lifted it with relative ease. 

This was somewhat unlike me.  I do encourage powerlifters with “come on, Name!” and the like when I know they are maxing, but I’m not usually part of the “bro motivation” squad.  I actually totally forgot about the incident until today, when two guys told me they thought it was hilarious. 

So there’s your amusing story for the day.


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