Workout #68 – Thu, 12/13/13 – Records Fall

Today was my daughter’s first birthday; my parents were in town; my in-laws were in town; I had to work; I had to do a lot of stupid errands like bringing up extra chairs from the basement, and my friend from out of town stopped by.  And I got to the gym.  Late at night again, for 90 minutes only, but I went.

Box Squat (3): 45×1, 95×1, 145×1, 195×1, 225×1, 255×1, 285×1, 305×1, 315×1

Box Squat (4): 335×1, 355×1, 365×1

Box Squat (5): 375×1, 385×1

Not sure how I feel about box squats still.  On one hand, records, yes.  On the other, I feel like I could just do them with terrible form and still get up off the box and thus delude myself.  Or would it matter?  As long as I get off the box at all, aren’t I a good man?  But wouldn’t it be better to do regular squats – again? These are the questions I ponder while driving the 65 minutes each way to work.

Bench Press: 45×8, 95×4, 145×3, 195×2, 235×1, 275×1, 305×1, 325×1, 340×1, 350×1, 360×1; 265×1,1, 270×2, 275×2, 280×1, 285×1,3 (11)

So I’m not as screwed up as I thought.  My ex-coach recommended either narrowing my comp grip by an inch or two, or doing wide-grip benches as an accessory.

Deadlift: 135×2, 205×1, 275×1, 345×1, 415×1, 445×1, 475×1

Simply had to hit this, as the gym was closing and I would not have time to sufficiently punish myself with lighter singles.

Observation #3 on this program is that as one lift shoots up (this week it’s bench), another inches along (deadlift), and the third stalls (squat).


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