Stop Liking Me

Note: Obviously this does not apply to the tiny handful of people who actually read my blog and enjoy it.  However if you are NOT a Swedish guy doing 5/3/1, or a cute Christian girl from Texas who gets sinus infections and runs obstacle courses – it probably applies to you.

  • If your blog has the words INTERNET MARKETING anywhere on it, or contains advice for how people can get more readers on their blog – DO NOT LIKE ME, you filthy, spamming male whores.
  • If your blog is bloated with bland vapid sentiments about “lifestyle advice” and “boosting self-confidence through achieving fitness” – DO NOT LIKE ME, you simple-minded blond poptart.
  • If your blog is a mishmash of nonsense claiming to be “A creative portal devoted to digital exploration thru research, and the interpretation of history, culture, science, and the arts” – DO NOT LIKE ME, you tinfoil-hat-wearing hag.

Seriously, my blog is about lifting weights.  Ninety-five percent of the recent posts are just about the things I lifted and have very little content or value to anyone.  You are not fooling me by appearing and liking workouts #59, #60, and #61.  I know you are following some marketing advice to “Like and follow other blogs and they will follow you back!!!”  But when I go to your page and you DO NOT EVEN LIFT, you’ve just wasted everybody’s time.

Yes, I admit that I at least check out these pages.  I get the email notice that someone is “liking” me and, being the lonely, hopeful bastard that I am, I give them one more page view.

But from now on – IT’S ON.  Everyone who likes a post, but has a blog that resembles a Ponzi scheme is going to be mercilessly trolled and mocked.  Which is probably what they want anyway – attention. 


6 thoughts on “Stop Liking Me

  1. Haha, I am kindly assuming that the cute Texas Christian girl is me?

    I enjoy reading your workout updates, it motivates me to continue pushing myself. Thank you for that!! Some days I need the added umph, and your blogs are always spot on because let’s face it… You put work in!

    By the way, I am battling sinuses right now. Way to nail it! πŸ™‚

    Spammers are annoying – LOVED this post! Way to call ’em out!


    • I’m glad I can be useful somehow πŸ™‚

      I like your blog too. Always running to raise money for charity, and giving advices on to new people, and generally being peppy and wholesome. Some days I need its kind innocence to cheer me up.

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