Workout #65 Mon, 12/9/13 – Short and Sweet

Setting: late at night, the Enemy is in the power rack, doing sets of kipping pullups, and, between sets – playing with his Iphone.  There are four other sets of pullup bars sitting empty.

Enter Ruin Christmas, our hero.  He has limited time to work out and little patience for shenanigans.  The Enemy glares menacingly at him (as menacingly as someone with 12 inch arms can).

Ruin Christmas has three choices:

1. Ask to work in – the equivalent, in this case, of negotiating with terrorists.

2. During the next set of kipping pullups, punch the Enemy in the stomach as hard as possible, sending his flimsy frame through the mirror and the brick wall behind it.

3. Just use the crappy rack until he leaves because he only works out for 30 minutes at a time, since crossfit taught him that this is most “efficient”

I chose option #3.  He left about five minutes later – or less time than it took me to type that gibberish above.

Front Squat: 45×3, 95×2, 145×1, 195×1, 245×1, 290×1, 315×1, 330×1; 260,265,270,275,280,285×1, 260x3x1 (9)

Again, not a PR, but the best I’ve done without the harness.

Push Press: 45×10, 95×3, 145×1, 185×1, 215×1, 229×1, 239×1, 249; 170,175,180,185,190,195×1, 170×2,3,2,2,2,3 (20)

Deadlift: 155×1, 225×1, 295×1, 365×1, 435×1, TM 470×1

Pullups: 5,5,5

Back Extension: 0,25,35 x 6


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