Workout #53 – Wed 11/27/13 – I don’t know what I’m doing

Squat: 44×4, 94×4, 134×3, 174×2, 214×2, 254×1, 294×1, 334×1, 364×1, 394×1, 404×1, 414×1, 424×1; 344×1,1, 349×1, 354×1,1, 359×1, 364×1, 344×1 (8)

If this workout log looks strange, it is because I am back at the “sports science” training center where everything is weighed, measured and calibrated.  Note that I don’t count 1 lb of collars bc I don’t count them at my gym.  (So yea, when I squatted 500, it was really 501).

If it still looks strange, it is because my squat is strange.  I had my buddy tape me doing high-bar squats the other day and when I reviewed the tape, I was dismayed to discover that they looked pretty much identical to my low-bar squats. Today, my old coach said the same thing.  So I tried a lot of different squatting techniques in this workout, and I think I’m just going to go back to low-bar and try not to do good-mornings when the weights get heavy.  Or do high-bar for my warm-up sets. Or do some high-bar extra at the end of my workout.  Or try pause squats.  So yeah, I’m still not sure what I’m going to do.  But:

  1. I’m not going to get discouraged.
  2. I’m going to work like a madman on whatever I do.
  3. I’m going to squat big weights
  4. I’m going to destroy my competition.

Medium-Grip Bench: 43.5×10, 93.5×3, 133.5×3, 173.5×3, 213.5×2, 253.5×1, 293.5×1, 323.5×1, 338.5×1; 268.5,273.5,278.5,283.5,288.5×1, 268.5×3, 273.5,278.5,283.5×2, 268.5×3,3,3,4,3 (30)

Clean Deadlift: 135×3, 225×2, 315×1, 405×1, TM 435×1


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