Workout #50 – Sun, 11/24/13

Today was a busy day.  I can usually manage to monopolize the power rack simply by loading the bar with 3 or more plates per side.  Then when someone comes by and looks longingly at it, I ask if they want to work in, but they figure that it is too much trouble, so they just go do their 95 lb quarter squats elsewhere.  But I can also share.  Yesterday some Starting Strength guy came over and I was doing light front squats and I moved over to the bad rack so that he could do his workout in peace.  OTOH, today some douche was supersetting 65 lb curls with hitting on some cougar in spandex.  He made 6 high school football players wait ten minutes for him to finish.

Squat: 65 x 5, 115×4, 165×3, 215×2, 265×1, 315×1, 365×1, 405×1, 425×1, TM 430×1; 335,340,345,350,355,360,365,370,375,380×1, 380,385×1, 335,340,345,350,355×2, 355×2, 335×3,3 (30)

I still need to work on my form.  Had my buddy video me and what I saw was appalling.

I lost power @ my house yesterday, and now I can’t find my workout log. So here is the shortened version:

Push Press: up to 215×1; 30 reps.

Had to do all my squats first and my legs were spent, so I got very little drive.

Clean Deadlift: up to TM 420×1; 10 reps.


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