What I Listen To At The Gym…

…will probably surprise you.

Apparently most powerlifters listen to metal.  The older guys like hard rock from the 80’s.  I, of course, enjoy these genres somewhat – AC/DC, Rammstein, and Manowar typically appear in my playlist.

I even admit to listening to some catchy pop tunes that might cause you to question my manhood.  Yes, I was listening to Billy Jean by Michael Jackson the other day when I squatted 490.  I am also partial to Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” while pushing the Prowler.

And modern rock, like My Darkest Days’ “Porn Star Dancing”, or “The Ballad of Chasey Lain” by Bloodhound Gang.  These are appropriate songs if there is a hot girl doing cardio being aroused by my lifting prowess (she is actually watching TV on the monitor but I like to pretend)

But my favorite thing to listen to is rap.  Here are some songs that seem to best aid my progress lately.  Don’t blame me if you start crip-walking after you hit a max deadlift.

  • “X” by Xzibit – The all-time hands down winner.
  • “Westside Story” by The Game – this would be more appropriate if I trained Westside, but The Game is the best rapper in the world, and if you want to be the best powerlifter,  any song by him is an obvious choice.
  • “Compton Life” by The Game – yes, I refuse to call him “Game” because I am angry that his name change wreaked havoc on the organization of my music library.  Good thing I’m not much of a Prince fan.
  • “The Champ is Here” by DJ Green Lantern feat. Jadakiss – Jadakiss is a terrible lyricist but the refrain always inspires me.
  • “Cops Come” by Nick Cannon ft. Chingy & Petey Pablo
  • “Sean Shank Redemption” by Sean Price
  • “I’m The King” by T.I – another lyrically weak confidence booster.
  • “BustaClip” – Lil Flip
  • “Johnny Cage (Prepare Yourself)” – The Immortals – Techno, but this works well when I pretend that I am Johnny Cage.  I give you permission to also try that.
  • “Berzerk” by Eminem – We all should go berzerk while lifting, right?

I know most lifters will have no interest in this topic, so I doubt I will have another edition of good rap powerlifting songs. 

Just please remember: “This ain’t the lightweight cake mix sh*t that you’re used to.  Teflon territory – you just can’t shoot through. You gon’ shoot who?  Not even on your best day.  Rollin’ the wild west way; giving it up.  Leaving the whole world stuck; not giving a f*ck!”


One thought on “What I Listen To At The Gym…

  1. the lifting itself makes for interesting reading, but sometimes it is just as interesting to get a little something from the stuff around the bar.

    I personally think that the metal hangup is a bit boring sometimes. therefore it’s refreshing to read about someone else listening to different kinds of music. 🙂

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