Workout #46 – Wed, 11/20/13 – Second Wind

Woke up this morning feeling like skipping the gym for the first time in a month and a half.  Back was sore.  But I read a comment by a blog reader that motivated me.  (Okay, it probably wasn’t the difference between not going and going, but it helped push me in the manly direction).  Then I had the usual anemic PRs on Front Squat and Push Press, discouraging me.  (It is funny, on this program it feels like time is being sped up because you work out so often.  So even though I hit a lifetime squat PR just last Friday, I have been slightly down about “lack of progress”).  The title of this post was going to be “Dark Day”  But then I managed to put in an inspiring amount of work after my max sets.  And I left with my back feeling dandy.

Front Squat: 45×4, 135×1, 185×1, 235×1, 255×1, 275×1, 295; 225,230,235,240,245,250,255,260,265,270,275,280×1, 225×2,3,2,3,2 (24)

Fooled around with some Olympic style ATG squats and got up to a very easy 175.  I don’t know what I am doing with this, but it felt enjoyable.

Push Press: 45×8, 95×3, 135×1, 175×1, 195×1, 210×1, 220; 140,145,150×3, 155,160,165,170×2, 175,180,185,190,195×1, 145×3,3,2 (30)

I tried doing these a new way, by letting my wrists bend back like a front squat and letting the bar “rack” on my chest.  I only did this for the volume.  I was too tired by then to see if this is good practice, but I will try it next time for all my sets.

Clean Deadlift: 95×3, 165×3, 235×2, 305×1, 375×1, TM 400×1; 305×1,2,3,3 (9)

Some tall, new fellow was asking Emilio and I for deadlift pointers.  We helped him out a bit.  One thing to remember, brand noobs.  You might need to put some weight on the bar.  I know it seems counterintuitive.  But any male – and most females – can lift 135 with atrocious, slow motion form. It is really hard to diagnose form errors with such a tiny weight.

Been doing some reverse hypers at home in my kitchen.  We have an “island”; and I drape myself over the countertop and kick my legs back in the approved manner.  It does feel nice even unweighted.


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