Workout #39 – Wed, 11/13/13

Squat: 45×4, 120×3, 195×3, 270×2, 340×1, 405×1, 445×1, 465×1, 485×1, 495×1, 500; 405,410,415,420,425,430,435,440,445×1, 405×2,2,3 (16)

I admit I got mentally beat by this weight.  What I should have done is just lifted it.  Then even if i cut it high, it would have given me the confidence I needed.  Instead bc my buddy was doing squats next to me, I asked him to watch my depth (because i had him watch me on my other sets and it seemed cheap to secretly squat 500 and declare myself awesome)  He offered to video me with his Iphone.  Visions of youtube glory danced in my head.  And I sank extra low – and missed it.  Shame and disgrace.  I should have made him post my failure on youtube but I was humiliated enough.  Yes, i am being somewhat dramatic.  Note: a few days ago I decided to not go below 405 (4 plates) on squat volume, so I am increasing since that point, but that is why I am doing a bit less reps than I was. 

Closegrip Bench: 45×10, 120×3, 195×3, 245×2, 290×1, 315×1, 335×1, CM 345×1; 250,255,260,265,270,275×2, 280×5 (17)

I can now closegrip what I could bench 39 days ago.  Small consolation.

Clean Deadlift: 135×3, 205×2, 275×1, 345×1, TM 365×1; 295×2, 300,305,310×1, 315×2, 320×1, 325×1,1, 275×2, 280×2 (14)


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