Workout #33 – Thu, 11/7/13

Squat: 45×5, 100×3, 150×2, 200×1, 250×1, 300×1, 350×1, 400×1, 430×1, 455×1; 405,410,415×1, 365,370,375,380,385×2, 360x4x3 (25)

Closegrip Bench: 45×10, 100×6, 150×3, 200×2, 250×1, 295×1, 320×1, CM 340×1; 255×3,3,3,5 (14)

had no spotter except for the 2 heaviest singles.  And it is always a pain in the ass to lift off for myself.  I don’t give a f&*k what Jim Wendler says.  “lift offs are not given”  Well I am about a foot shorter than Wendler, with tiny little t-rex arms.  And i’m not benching on a top-of-the-line EFS competition bench, but on something that was designed by apes and apparently tested on mutants with malformed, misshapen limbs.

Clean Deadlift: 135×3, 185×2, 229×1, 279×1, 289×1, 299×1, 309×1, TM 319×1; 279×2,2,3 (7)

this is a deadlift performed with double overhand or hook grip, and a flat/arched back, and yes, i am starting very light.  but if broz and his guys can clean every day then i can do this.


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