Ben Bruno steals my ideas

I’m not really serious, I doubt Ben Bruno found my post on warmups and decided that, after writing 182 T-nation articles, he was out of ideas and should plagarize the 183rd from me.  But you have to admit there are striking similarities – minus my inspiring dogmatism and right-wing rant about skimpy clothing.

BTW in case anyone is wondering, I like Ben Bruno’s articles a lot.  Everytime you go to a fitness website or open a muscle magazine, you find an article called “Seven Secret Exercises you Need to Do NOW!”  These exercises are usually either old news (Turkish Getup!  Lunge!), arcane (1/2 reverse hammer supinated dragon curl!), or inspire posers to waste too much space in the gym (first, load up 3 barbells and get a medicine ball handy…)  But somehow, this guy always has a thoughtful assortment of new exercises.

Ben Bruno is one of the few T-nation writers worth reading.


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