I’m not interested

One of our neighbors has a 4 year old daughter who still wears diapers.  When I remarked about this, the mother said, “Oh, she’s just not very interested in toilet training.”

You know what I’m not interested in?  Changing diapers until I’m 50.  So with my kids, you know what they suddenly get interested in, as soon as they can sit up?  That’s right, a goddam toilet. 

One of my son’s friends is 6 and cannot read a thing besides maybe his name.  His mother complains, “I try to get him to read, but he’s just not interested.”  This kid plays video games and watches TV for hours each day. 

Maybe if you’re not interested in having an illiterate son, try making him interested, by, I dunno, sitting him in a room full of books and telling him to shut his dumb uninterested mouth.  Preferably about 3 years ago. 

Moral:  Stop giving a f*ck what your kids are “interested” in and raise them like civilized humans.


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