Workout #2 – Monday, 10/7/13

Workout Time: 1 hr, 40 minutes

Weight: 188.6

Squat: 45×4, 95×3, 135×3, 185×2, 225×1, 275×1, 315×1, 365×1, 405×1, 425×1, 430×1, TM 440×1; 365×2, 370×2 (Volume: 4 reps)

This was my first time ever doing 2 days in a row of squats. Because that will make your spine fall out of your anus and you will get the overtraining flu.  A training max is a weight that I can hit without excessive grinding, i.e. taking 10 seconds to ascend and my eyeballs needing to be pushed back in afterwards.

Push Press: 45×10 (warmup with strict military press), 95×3, 115×2, 135×2, 155×1, 165×1, 175×1, 185×1, 190×1, TM 200×1; 155×2 (2)

Broz recommended not bench pressing everyday as it is hard on the shoulders.  I’ve done 3 times a week before.  He recommended push presses if one wanted to press every day.

Romanian Deadlift (RDL): 135×3, 185×2, 205×2, 225×1, 245×1, 255×2, TM 265×3.  (5)

I remember now that I do not like doing these for singles.  Max triples will work for me.

Band Shoulder Nonsense x 3 sets

Chinups x 1 easy set

Biceps x 2 easy sets.

In the past I have worked my assistance exercises brutally hard (well by the standards of anyone I’ve seen):  Doing 10 sets of 5 chinups with 100 lbs strapped to me. Or sets of 15 dips with 125 lbs hanging like a big steel nutsack.  With good strict form.  And one day some guy came up to me and gave me a prize for being very good at assistance exercises.  Ha.  That is a joke.  I think assistance work is great if you want to be all-around strong.  But on this program, if I have any excess energy I will put it into a squat, press, or pull.  I will do my assistance only to target areas those lifts don’t touch.  Really not many.  And I will do them at a low-medium intensity. 

We will see if this philosophy works.  I just want to try being a great powerlifter instead of a mediocrity.


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