Cocaine and Marijuana Are Good For You.

Note that the State Police “Special Operation Response Team” wears the same camouflage as the Army.  Because it’s necessary to make people think we’re under martial law.

Check out this story in the Albany Times Union by Robert Gavin.  Some lunatic named Issac Peterson  took a lady and her kids hostage because he wanted to call his ex-wife.  I’m surprised it didn’t happen in Troy which is slightly more dangerous than its Bronze Age equivalent.  The guy drew on cops and got shot five times in the chest with a rifle. (he definitely deserved it) He is expected to live. The highlight from the article is this information from Capt. Steven James, commander of the State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation:

“James, a 23-year veteran of the State Police, said someone who was shot five times would seemingly have a remote chance at survival. But he noted, in his experience he’s seen drug users survive serious injury; he suspected Peterson was using cocaine and marijuana during the ordeal.”

So the takeaway is that if you want to survive serious injury, take drugs, specifically cocaine and marijuana.  I wish I knew this before I went to Iraq.  I would have felt a lot safer. And if James doesn’t let his men get high before raids, isn’t he risking their lives?

Drugs saved this man’s life.  Legalize today!

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