Slimer the Sumerian

Look at this advertisement.  Specifically the word “SLIMER”  Look at it and make your eyes a little blurry.  Could it possibly appear as SUMER?  I find this interesting because the first Ghostbusters movie features three “Sumerian” entities: Gozer the Gozerian, Zuul, and Vinz Clortho.  Keep in mind however, that the name “Slimer” does not appear until Ghostbusters II.  Frank Baun came up with the name Oz by looking around his office and seeing “O-Z” on a file cabinet. What if some individual affiliated with Ghostbusters looked around his office and saw a book with “SUMER” on the spine, possibly a book which they used as reference for the first Ghostbusters movie, and thought, “Hey – Slimer – that’s it!”


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