New Things Rex Says

I’m trying not to turn into a mommy blogger, but hearing about my kid a couple of times a year won’t kill you.

Rex saw the neighbors (from a distance) and yelled “Hi Neighbors” at them several times.  Unfortunately, they didn’t hear him.  Later he told me that he “did a good deed…I say hi to neighbors”.  He’s learning about good and bad deeds from Chutes and Ladders.

Rex and I play a game where we insist that the other person is an unpopular or imaginary character in Super Mario. 
Rex: Daddy is Princess Peach.
Me: I’m not Princess Peach, I’m Wario.  You’re an old bird egg.
Rex: I’m not an old bird egg, I’m Mario.  You’re an onion!
Me: (feigns shock)
Rex laughs hysterically.  Apparently, in Rex-world, calling someone an onion is extremely insulting.

Karena and I sing Rex bedtime songs.  Sometimes he sings along.  The other night, he replaced every word in the song with “Crack”.
Me: Nighty-night…and good-night…
Rex: Cracky-crack…crack crack-crack…

Me: So what did you do today.
Rex: Library sucks.
Me: What?!
Rex: Library sucks.
Me (calling Karena on phone): Do you know what our son just said?  He must have learned it from you.  You took him to the library today.
Karena: Well we didn’t actually go, it was closed.  He made a big deal about how the library door was stuck.

We’re teaching Rex about truth and lies.  The other day he told me, “Truth makes lies mad.”

Like Paul Revere
We have three lightswitches in our bathroom: two for lights and one for the fan.  Rex is adamant about only turning on one of the lights when he goes to the bathroom.  On the other hand, when I brush his teeth, I like to see, so I turn on both of them.  During lunch the other day, he told me, “Two lights is for pooping, brushing teeth, taking bath; one is for potty.”

Posterous = preposterous
Factidy = factory
ToMario = Tomorrow


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