Letter From Basic Training – March 10, 2004 – Downrange


Dear Mary Beth,

     Only 1 more day until we ship downrange.  Most of us are a little nervous but mostly bored and anxious as hell to get out of here.
    They got out our civilian bags today and a bunch of us took off our BDUs and put on our old stuff.  It was funny to see everyone slouching around in them.  It was also funny, since everyone is clean cut when in Army stuff, to see some guys pull out giant baggy skater gear or goth looking stuff.  Some guys found cigarettes that they did not dispose of, or their cell phones still charged.  A few guys had bottles of drink stashed away.  Tonight after lights out is going to be a big clandestine smoking/cell phone calling/Snapple drinking party. 
    I just heard a bad rumor that we cannot send nor receive mail for the first two weeks of basic.  Or we can send one letter.  I hope we can get letters soon.


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