Rex Time

Rex is a country boy.  He doesn’t get to go to the big city very often.  When we were in Raleigh with my dad, everytime he saw a “Don’t Walk” sign, even if it was two blocks away, he’d scream out “DON’T WALK!”  Since we were always within two blocks of one, he basically continually shouted this, only pausing to yell “CAR STUCK” at every parked car.  We walked by numerous parking lots.  Walking with Rex was a noisy endeavor.

Above is a picture of one of Dale Earnhardt’s cars.  Rex saw it as soon as we walked into the museum.  “DRIVE CAR!” he pleaded.  As you can see, the car is surrounded by barriers.  Beneath the informational panels, there was glass.  I’m not sure if you can make that out from the pictures. However between each barrier was a 9 inch gap which a two year old is just small enough to squeeze through. This is exactly what Rex did.  One second, he was standing with my dad, and the next, I hear my dad yell “Hey, wait, oh no!”  Rex backpedaled up to the car, grinning at us. He knew he was doing wrong.  No amount of pleading or demanding on our parts could get him to come back.  He started touching the car and out of nowhere, four security guards dashed up, determined to protect North Carolina’s greatest treasure.  “NO DOOR!”  Rex announced, sounding puzzled, and indeed, it was fortunate that it was a race car.  You are supposed to jump in the window, but Rex didn’t know that, or he’d probably have tried to start it.  I tried to squeeze through the same tiny gap that Rex did, but I almost got myself stuck.  Karena and I had the idea to bribe him, I think this occured to us simultaneously.  I held up my cell phone and she offered her keys, two tantalizing treats that he is not typically allowed to get his greedy little hands on.  It worked and he toddled over, close enough for me to grab him by palming his head and puledl him out of the enclosure.  Afterwards, I remarked that if Rex really were in danger, for example if inside the barrier were live crocodiles and not a stock car, I would have MADE myself fit through the gap to rescue him.
“Why wouldn’t you have just climbed over it?” Karena said.  Honestly, I never thought of that.

Above is a picture of Rex being driven around in his toddler Corvette by his girlfriend Ava. Ava gets to drive because Rex is always ramming into things and going in circles.  And honestly he is more interested in the radio and the other little buttons.  We did not by this spoilt child toy new, we got it for 1/4 price at a yard sale.  Ava likes to take off in the car and leave Rex in the dust so that he chases behind, exclaiming “Wait!”


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