this blog post sums up how I feel about this stupid movie I will never watch. What’s that, you say?  I should watch movies before I condemn them?  Well if I were an actual movie reviewer and not some loudmouth on the web, I’d probably have to.  But I don’t need to watch KKK promotional videos, Russian farming documentaries or various teen-angst vampire crap to know that I will not like them, do I?

in other news, I spent the weekend at Jim’s house and will have to tell an engaging story for my web audience.  Perhaps tomorrow!


One thought on “I hate AVATAR

  1. Personally, I don't need to be preached to by SFX…if I had, I would have gone, lockstep, with the whole world when it blindly went to see "Close Encounters".As to the message of this latest children's drek, young twentysomethings can live in whatever "we can work it out" idyll they like, but Man is nothing more than a predatory animal, and Cameron, an avowed atheist, should know that better than anyone. Life's a bitch, kiddies. Now, put on your paper hats and earn less than we did at your age. For the rest of your lives.Other than that, I hate Spielberg all over again, for long ago making an entire genre about freako-aliens done up with effects…but, to be fair, if the moralizing isn't done Shakespearian by Captain James Tiberius Kirk (Shatner, not Johnnie NewGuy), then keep moseyin', bucko. You can't learn me a thing.You can say I'm an old fart clinging to The World That Then Was, and I'd totally agree. Your New Age sux, children. That said, I'm, not sorry at all I helped make it that way."Avatar", BTW, is the protagonist in Ralph Bakshi's "Wizards" (1976). Nothing more. Funny, isn't it, how you have to borrow everything from us?

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