The Fight

Pacquiao vs. Cotto

In a rare social outing, I was invited by my brother-in-law “Leo” to watch the Cotto-Pacquiao fight on Pay-Per-View last weekend.  It was at his buddy WJ’s house.  Others in attendance were Karena, WJ’s father and a guy named “Winky”.  As a nickname, Winky is sort of like how you call the big guy of the group”Tiny,” he’s like a 190 lb professional boxer.  In fact WJ is a professional boxer too and Leo is a very accomplished amateur boxer himself.  WJ’s father is a former boxer, now a trainer and has a house full of trophies and awards.

Anyway, the only really notable thing about the night is that it is good to watch boxing with such knowlegeable people.  During the undercard fights, they would consistently refer to an obscure fight one of the boxers had in 2004 or mention something a boxer was doing before the TV commentators did.  I was able to use my quick wikipedia skills (Wapedia actually – the mobile version) to look up obscure facts about boxers and at least participate somewhat in the discussion; although Karena made fun of me for doing so.


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