The Biweekly Outing

Can you identify this celebrity visiting Iraq in December 2006?  He is the only famous person who can make wearing his military protective geer look cool.  Even the helmet he wore was all black and didn’t make him look like a dork like most civilians.  I regret being too cool to go stand in line to meet him when he was in the chow hall.

Today we made our bi-weekly outing into town.  I don’t like going out into public.  It’s a good way to catch swine flu.  Of course this does not count the gym I go to 4 times a week, even though it is no doubt full of hideous bacteria.  Especially since I like to lick the seat of the inner/outer thigh machine after ladies use it.

Every Friday our family goes out to eat at a Fish Restaurant*. One other time a week the wife drags me out into public.  Today we went to Walmart and then Subway.  The Suibway took heavy mortar fire while we were there, not really, but something outside kept blowing up, so I found it hard to concentrate on watching Rex eat his sandwich one condiment item at a time.  The thud of the incoming rounds  was appropriate for Veteran’s Day.  There was also an Air Force Junior ROTC cadet and it made me nostalgic because my crueler Army Paratrooper buddies would have tormented him like Varsity Football players might torment members of the JV Bowling team  – “Come on guys, leave me alone!  We both play sports for the same school.  Where’s your spirit?  Ow!”

*note: I read this post to the wife.  Her comment: “We don’t go to the Fish Restaurant every Friday.”


2 thoughts on “The Biweekly Outing

  1. This was an enjoyable post – more pictures and anecdotal stories requested. First, the celebrity appears to be Kid Rock. Next, I would love to eat at a fish restaurant every week. You should consider yourself lucky. And finally, as a point of contention, if you go out twice per week, is it not semi-weekly? I thought that bi-weekly was every other week like my pay check.

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