At the Gym

this is a picture of what colors the numbers are from the Wikipedia article on synethesia

 Some things I’ve observed in my gym in the last month:

1. Owner watching football game while members do seated cable row by
holding their arms straight and leaning all the way back until they
are supine.

2. Owner wearing lifting belt during entire workout including
answering phone during break.

3. Owner instructing weak customers on a super-secret exercise that
involves standing in the cable crossover and looks like a reverse
lateral raise.  Now that they have this secret exercise, they’ll be

4. After my workout, Owner asking me what I was doing.  I said Power
Cleans.  He said “No, overall, you do caveman exercises,”
Which I thought was a pretty good description, but I was kind of in a
hurry, so I said “Yeah, I like strength and uh, endurance” and he said
“Oh, like plyometrics”.

5. Guy whose workout consists entirely of the bench press.  His form is fair for a commercial gym, ie, he’s not rebounding it off his chest, kicking his legs or lowering the bar to his neck.  His workout seems to be 40 sets of 225 for 6 reps, 3x  a week (estimated).  This has resulted in no physique development and, since his workout never varies, a strength plateau.

6. Owner and his buddy doing a workout with a copy of Men’s Fitness or its ilk spread open on the floor while they “blast arms”. 

Most egregiously, the owner failed to tell me that several of the bars actually weighed 55 pounds instead of 45 pounds, causing me to have a demoralizing lifting day.

On the positive side, I’m allowed to use chalk.  There are never more than 5 people in the gym.  There’s a place to squat.  They have round weights, not octagonal.  They have up to 120 lb dumbbells.  The 55 pound bars are extra thick and decent quality, now that I know how much they weigh.

I’m planning on entering a powerlifting meet in January 2010.  Right now I train M-T-R-F, my main lifts are Squat, Overhead Press, Deadlift and Bench.


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