Making fun of my wife

I like making a list of cute things that my son Rex says. I always found the mispronunciations in Family Circus “Oh boy – pasghetti!” to be super annoying. But like many things about being a parent – it’s cute when your own kid does it. Also, years from now I hope that he will be able to pronounce these words correctly. So that I remember, I write them down. Here are a few.

“Vity!” – He loves his flinstone gummy vitamins

“Helple” – We have no idea why he calls balloons “helples”

“Tee” – As if TV wasn’t a short enough abbreviation for television

“Ay-Tee” – Rex’s favorite place, the AT&T store.

“Oh my!” – Rex is surprised by everything

If you ask Rex a yes/no question, he will always answer no, unless you mention something incredibly desireable, like the AT&T store or cookies. He will never say “yes”, he will repeat the name of the item.

If you ask Rex a multiple choice question, he will always choose the last choice.

If you have a discussion with Rex and make a statement which means very little to him, he will repeat the key word, then say “Huh.” For example, if I say, “Rex, it’s important to make new friends,” he’ll respond “Friends, huh.” I think this is an elementary active listening technique. I’ve been trying it on adults and nobody seems to mind. They just assume I’m paying close attention and keep talking.

Here is where this post will become controversial. I also make a list of things my wife Karena mispronounces. I’m sure she will become angry when she reads this, but I’m going to go ahead anyway. Two disclaimers – I’m not making fun, I find these things charming. Second, I mispronounce words all the time. I learn a new vocabulary word in my reading and mangle it when I work it into a conversation and sound like a pretentious buffoon. On to the fun…

Apparently in the south, the short e sound does not exist. Karena asks me if i want “Aygs” for breakfast. The number after nine is “Tin”.

She calls Teddy Ruxpin “Teddy Rupskin”

Some one-off mispronunciations:

She’s called Nintendo “Nantando”

She’s called Binghamton “Bangleton”

She was trying to tell me that Rex’s height was increasing and his weight was not, so she said,
“he’s talling”

Once I was talking to her grandmother on speakerphone about Rex (age 2 months) and she asked if I was “Narsingham” I had to look frantically at Karena for the translation. “Nursing him.” she explained. “What,” I whispered, “That’s impossible, I’m a man.” Apparently, nursing also means taking care of, sort of like babysitting. So yes, I was “narsingham” if Karena went to the store or something. I’m pretty sure her grandmother thinks I’m slow.


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