Rex’s First Video Game

Metroid Zero Mission for GBA

The title of this post is misleading. It is not really Rex’s first video game. That was the Learning Leaps game.

Learning Leaps

As you can see in the picture, Learning Leaps has two modes, baby mode and toddler mode. The way it works is you pop the DVD in and then it says something like “Press any button to see the frog” It doesn’t matter what mode Rex is in, he just alternately whaps one button over and over, or stares at the screen and refuses to press anything despite coaxing from me and the DVD. He sits in my lap and the console sits on his lap while we play.

Today we played Metroid on the Game Boy. Karena gave him her game boy and he has been relatively gentle with it, unlike the broken laptop computer we gave him, which he tore keys off of and danced on. Of course he loves all electronics, and he asks for it “game? game?” He would just turn it on and off, staring at the startup screen and mashing buttons. I got tired of this and decided to show him how to play. We learned how to move the man around and press B to shoot and A to jump “B, B, shoot, B shoot” What worked best, though, was me moving and jumping and him shooting.

Me to Karena, 4PM Alaska Time – “All right! Rex killed his first man!” See above for what he shot.


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