the wrestler

You should watch the movie, The Wrestler. It’s really good.

I thought that the guy in the movie was most like Lex Luger. Also check out the picture at the top.

Rex is in the summer reading program at the library. We are allowed to count us reading to him. We also count him leafing through books on his own. The pre-readers don’t have book counts, they have hours read for their prizes. He gets on Skype with his grandma Hattie and she holds up flashcards for him with letters, numbers and words. A lot of times she has her friends or other family members over, which makes me smile. We are proud of our 2 year old baby who knows all his letters and his numbers up to 12. He still cannot jump, though, and is still working on his colors. I am Philip of Macedon and Rex is Alexander the Great.

Karena got excited that Rex read the word “Mouth” today on a flashcard that grandma was holding up. Karena yelled out “Holy Crap” and I ran upstairs, but he wouldn’t do it again. We only give him 5 minutes of reading time for the Skype, because he spends most of it being difficult and refusing to show off.


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