4 things before they are used

these are 4 things that i love but are always a tiny let down from their pre-useful states.

Coffee beans/grounds always smell better before you make the coffee. Even the worst coffee smells great. After I make it, I can never tell the difference between any of them, and I love coffee. Right now I drink Folgers, the big red can. I used to think Dunkin Donuts had specially good coffee, but it’s just that they give you more milk and sugar than you’re expecting.

Steak is my favorite food. Not many things are as beautiful as a raw piece of steak. And even though it’s my favorite, after you cook it, it never looks as nice. I like my steak rare. Pittsburgh rare. I think really i’m just trying to find a way to eat it raw without getting sick. I think I could do it

Fancy whiskey always smells good to me, but i can’t taste the difference between jack daniels, and the expensive scotch that my buddy Clemmer used to buy.

the marijuana pictures in high times always look so good, with their hairy leaves and crystals and all that, but just like all alcohol gets you drunk in the end…


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