Gang Training

Last Thursday, we had training from a CID agent about Gangs and Hate Groups.

The good news was that whoever was supposed to do the second hour of training didn’t show up.

The bad news was that the gang guy thought that meant that he should extend his presentation into the second hour.

The presentation was a lot of videos and pictures of people fighting and making cool hand signs that spell words. Also they had tattoos and wore white shirts. Sometimes they didn’t wear shirts at all. And they were set to music. It was awesome.

The Hate Groups had secret codes, like 88 is for HH which means Heil Hitler. Also websites.

Question 1: Your presentation made me want to join a gang, but it seems like the only ones open to white people are Hate Groups. I’m not into the whole KKK thing, on account of being Catholic. Do you know if any of the cool gangs are accepting whites these days?

Answer: You are not allowed to be in a gang and in the Army.

Followup: Why are you telling us all of this? It seems like a tremendous waste of time, considering that most of us are getting out of the Army and a lot of the people here are disabled.

Answer: Gangs are dangerous. You might be walking down the street and see three guys all dressed alike and try to fight them, but then they kill you with guns and knives. Also, if you were staying in the Army, you would have to inspect your soldiers naked every 6 months to check if they had gang tattoos.

All the rest of the questions were from the Discovery Channel gang specials. They weren’t really questions.

“I heard that there’s this gang that joins the cops to infiltrate them.”

“Did you know that the word crips stands for cribs”

“I saw this thing about this gang that gets ultraviolet tattoos so that you can only see them at a nightclub under a black light.”

Another productive Thursday morning.


2 thoughts on “Gang Training

  1. you learn so many interesting things in the army… but it does seem like they were trying to make gangs sound cool. Is this video available for review so that we can make our own independent assessment?

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