Feats of Athleticism

I’m working to do various feats of strength and danger. I would like to

1. close the #2 captain of crush gripper. I used to be able to close it when I worked in a gym and could play with it all the time at work. Now I am back on a regular schedule of training every other day with it, and I also got the 1.5 gripper, which I can already close 5 times in a row with my right hand. After I remaster the 2, i will buy the 2.5 and the 3, which is my ultimate goal.

2. Do a handstand pushup. I.e. without the wall, go from a headstand to a handstand.

3. do a muscle-up on the rings. this is pulling yourself up like you’re doing a chinup, then pushing yourself up into a dip.

4. do 20 consecutive pullups. the most i have ever done in a row is 18.

5. run a 5k faster than my brother. Okay, this is sort of a vain one, but I have to set my sights high. I do crossfit and only run 1-2 days a week, even though I do endurance training a lot, so this is also a somewhat difficult proposition, but I have lowered my time by several minutes in the last year. I think he can do it in about 19 minutes. My time right now is 23:12

6. total elite in crossfit total which is a sum of your max squat, deadlift and standing military press. Right now, my cross fit total is 1037.5. I would like to get 1245 in the 181 weight class, or 1305 in the 198s.

7. fight a refereed match in wrestling, jiu-jitsu or combatives and win with my wife and son watching.

8. complete the pushup program at hundredpushups.com and do 100 consecutive pushups. I started, but doing this was too much in addition to starting jiu-jitsu class again, so I stopped. i’ll get back to this later.

9. burn 56000 calories on various cardio machines. i think if i do this over a period of time after my regular workouts, I will burn 15 pounds of fat which will make me a lean mean machine.


2 thoughts on “Feats of Athleticism

  1. #5, you should start with, “run a 5K faster than my father”.2008 Turkey trot 22:36 (dad)18:37 (me)I really like your list and writing it down is always the best.

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