Tiki Mayben’s Unibrow

Watched the Duke/Binghamton game on the CBS Sports online thing. Pretty sweet. Watching the regular TV coverage is like watching TV with Rex and letting him hold the remote. Ok, it’s not that bad. rexswitches to the TV Guide channel, then hits RECORD, recording a 24 hour block of ads. Then he records 1 minute of 5 different programs, does a little dance, then goes to a porn channel, which we don’t get, turns the TV to Spanish, turns the TV off, then cries.

CBS doesn’t know what games I want to watch. Maybe I want to watch my favorite team DUKE defeat my degraded alma mater Binghamton. Well I can do that online. Nice. Rex can say “DUKE”.

Binghamton star player Tiki Mayben has interesting eyebrows. Here they are:



Clearly he is taking some sort of drug. I predict in 2010, he will look like this:


At what cost, athletic prowess?


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