Rex is 2

Today is Rex’s birthday. He’s 2. Isn’t he cute?

He got a noisy light up toy that talks. It is some animal matching game that I can’t figure out either. But he likes pressing the buttons. He also got a motorized bubble gun that cost a dollar. He got a pirate hideout made of fabric that he can hide inside and poop his pants in peace. Also, if he finds any tasty pieces of paper, he can eat them without us bothering him. The perfect place for the 2 year old pirate who needs privacy.

He had a slice of birthday cake and didn’t need a bath afterwards like he did at his 1st birthday. We went to IHOP and he had a pancake with strawberries and bananas on it. He likes to have his own pancake. We saw a six year old with a pacifier there. Scary. Also there was another little girl there with her mom and Rex shouted and stared at her. Sometimes I wish I was a baby so that I could shout gibberish at people in restaurants. Then I could eat with my hands and make a mess and then go into my pirate cave to poop


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