Nobody cares…but you.

This is something that I would sing in my head, usually when someone in the Army was ranting and raving about something that he felt was super important, like cleaning something or fighting a war that was stupid.

Sometimes I would get a voicemail, telling me that I urgently had to be somewhere else, when I was already released for the day, or doing something important.

Sometimes I would sing it aloud when I was alone.

The other day I sang it and Karena heard. She thought it was funny, which encouraged me to post this.

Remember, if your boss is trying to make you do something, or lecture you on a point, or someone’s been leaving faux-urgent messages on your cell phone (Dude, everyone’s got to come back to work, there’s a formation at 1700. The first sergeant says EVERYONE.), just sing it:

Nobody ca-ares….but you!


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