This guy is going through his music, 15000 songs alphabetically and getting rid of the songs he doesn’t like. Also giving them a rating 0-5 stars.

Loving: Alligator Dave, Big L

Hating: Alan Jackson, Alicia Keys.

Best Musician Ever: The Notorious B.I.G.

Best Boxer Ever: Mike Tyson

Book I’m reading about the downfall of Mike Tyson, Buster Douglas and boxing: The Last Great Fight by Joe Layden (from Albany, NY)

I’m addicted to the Beat Generation

Here’s what else I’m reading: When I Was Cool by Sam Kashner and Naked Lunch by William Burroughs.

One of the best authors (also Kerouac, London, Fitzgerald, Hemingway) and best pencil sharpener ever: Edgar Rice Burroughs. If all you know about him is something vague about a Tarzan movie you’ve really missed out and should read “A Princess of Mars”.

I should have links to all these things, but I’m too lazy. Maybe later. Google, bitches.


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