Field Sanitation Class

This week I have been forced to take Field Sanitation class. It is actually a blessing in disguise because I don’t have to do PT with my unit. The platoon PT schedule is as follows:

Monday: extremely awful exercise with the platoon sergeant to punish people for having two days off.

Tuesday, Wednesday: weak squad PT to waste our time

Thursday: ruckmarch in the freezing cold and sweat thru my pts

Friday: generally waste time or blow off pt in preparatin for the weekend.

Then in the afternoon we generally go to the gym, where i get my real workout.

Any day where i don’t have to do the morning workout is a good day.

To give you an idea of how useful and interesting field sanitation class is, keep in mind that i am typing this on my cell phone held under my desk.

So far we have learned that you should not poop in the water you are going to drink. Also you should not let mold grow on things.

The instructor likes to ask questions like "raise your hand if you’ve never not heard of E Coli. Come on, who has ever?" Then everyone looks at him and blinks. I’m so glad i have my phone to play with.


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