Army Strong = Retard Strength

Here is how we waste 13 hours a day doing nothing.

0430 wakeup

0530 leave for 10 minute drive to work which takes 30 minutes because every unit makes their soldiers arrive at the same time.

0600 get to work. We get in a half hour early because…actually I have no idea why, this is the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard of.

0600-0630 sit around and complain

0630-0800 do PT which is occasionally useful but usually is just enough to make you sweaty, angry and/or cold and waste your time.

0800-0930 go home to shower and eat breakfast

0930-1130 chip ice on the sidewalks or pick up trash. waste time.

1130-1 lunch

(note I’m not using the 24 hour clock. If this confuses you and you think that we are eating lunch until one in the morning then you are dumb enough to be in the actual Army)

1-430 drift around and complain. pretend to teach classes, or do something vaguely army related.

* for leaders 130-4 go to meeting with the first sergeant. Waste time talking about fishing or who is a better ranger. Refuse to leave until the first sergeant gets up, so as not to look bad

430 this is when someone in charge decides that there is something crucial for us to do before we go home.

430-500 work diligently at the task tht we waited until the last minute to do.

5 pm go home

repeat 5x a week.


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