Today: -2
Days Rated: 191
Average Day: 1.29

Last night Lang revealed to me that he’s been using my nametape for the forces of evil. Things like going up to colonels and mooning them, then pointing at his nametape and yelling “Coach!”. Actually, my real last name is what he yells. This becomes a recurring joke between us, that Lang does something stupid, then yells my name out and runs away. I don’t know of any incidents where he actually did that, but his behavior is generally obnoxious and/or shameful, so I’m sure I’m blamed for some things that happened. The only thing that I ever heard back about it is that some people on the teams thought that we were brothers.

Most of the Air Force folks took CLS class today. Since we’ve all already had training on this multiple times, they needed to do something with the Army folks. So they put us in a class with all the officers and headquarters people. The class was on something that far exceeds my paygrade, on like leading troops by making orders and plans and such. For some reason the Air Force people were like, well, we know the Army guys already know this, so they can help other people. That’s not true, since we are all E4s and E5s. This kind of planning was for like company and battalion commanders. That meant that SGT Poston basically chimed in every three seconds trying to help, and it gave me an excuse not to do anything, since I was already supposed to know this stuff.

In the afternoon, we decided that we needed to get our government travel cards working. So we took off in the Army van and spent the afternoon zipping around, basically killing time so as to miss as much class as possible, although we did put in an appearance at the travel card place. It is good to have the van to ourselves. The Air Force has like one van and 2 big buses, so they always have to go where everyone else is going.

The army method of teaching classes is so annoying. Take a look at our schedule.

550 – wakeup
620 – leave to meet airforce people
630 – go with airforce people to breakfast
800 – go to class
830 – arrive at class, wait for instructors
900-1130 class
1130-1300 lunch
1300-1330 wait for instructors
1330-1630 class
1630-1700 meetings and nonsense
1700-1800 supper
1830 arrive back at barracks

so basically, 13 hour day, but 5.5 hours of class, because you’re forced to spend so much time lining up, taking attendance, waiting for other people and being paraded off to eat meals. What if we were told to get breakfast on our own and be at class by 8? We could be done by 1330, then go eat at burger king or whatever. Gay.


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