Packing my bags

Above: Miller is old enough to know better

Today: -1
Days Rated: 183
Average Day: 1.25

So today I started my packing in earnest. The only thing worse than packing is moving. Examine my system and see if there is anything wrong with it.

1. Dump everything that’s on my bed on the floor.

2. Dump all of my bags of stuff I bought from the PX on the bed.

3. Decide that the bed will serve as a sort of staging area. Everything that is going with me will
go onto the bed. Everything that is not will go…not on the bed.

4. Begin taking everything from the room that I want and dumping it onto the bed until the pile is 3 feet high and the bed is no longer visible.

5. Breathe a sigh of relief. I have everything I need. Now the only thing left to do is unwrap the crap from the px, throw away the packaging, put everything into a bag, not bring some stuff that I don’t have room for, add in everything I forgot, add in the stuff that I didn’t pack because I’m going to use until the last minute, like a uniform and my playstation and my toothbrush, pack the stuff I’m not bringing into duffel bags for storage and clean up the mess I made.

6. Since I’m halfway done, go and get drunk.

7. Stagger home drunk and find to my dismay that the bed is covered with crap.

8. Shove everything off of the bed and go to sleep.

At least I’m halfway done with packing.


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