Wow, I’m dumb.

So I make this post about nobody ever commenting on my blog. Then people start walking up to me all day long and saying, “Hey, I left a comment, why didn’t you put it up?” Finally, I figured it out. I had the blog set so that I had to approve all the comments. I checked, and there were 35 unapproved comments, dating back to March. So if you want to go back and read them, click the archives on the right side of the page. I really wish I had figured this out in a timely fashion, because I would have wrote back to some of these people. And gloated over the fact that Mary Beth wrote “The sex was great!” and posted it three times. Now the comments won’t require moderation, so feel free to type all kinds of vulgar, insulting things and they will appear immediately on the blog.

A few other issues…

1. The month delay on the blog. This will continue, because I caught up to within a week or so and people that I worked with started remembering things like “Wait a minute…so that’s what you were doing last Thursday? I thought you were working on a ‘secret project’ in your room that whole time. Do pushups.”

2. The top post will sometimes be some sort of announcement, like this one. It will stay on top until the blog catches up to that day. This means that occasionally you’ll have to scroll down the page three inches to see if the blog has been updated since the last time you checked. Deal with it. The reason this announcement stays on top is because I consider it somewhat important.


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