Avoiding Work Is Hard Work

Today: -3
Days Rated: 175
Average Day: 1.25

I found out why I haven’t been hanging out with Amanda. She has strep throat. That sucks.

Today I spent all day running errands. This was made more difficult by the fact that Donica will not let me borrow his car any more. The reason he gave is that “I don’t like all these people borrowing my car, so no-one can use it now.”

Now that would be fine. It’s his car. Except that 1. I’ve always been careful with it, changed a tire, keep it full of gas, etc. and more important, 2. We made an arrangement where I gave him a Blackhawk SAW Sling that cost 50 dollars and he agreed to let me use his car. That was about 3 days ago, and already he’s going back on his word. But won’t give the sling back.

So I ended up walking around back and forth from the barracks, to the brigade headquarters building, to the welcome center, to the post headquarters. Each one is about 1/4 mile away and I made about 4 trips to each. It was not tiring, just boring, as I tried to get various stamps and signatures. I avoided all the work in the company, but ended up still finishing after everyone else was released.


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