I missed the memo

Today: 0
Days Rated: 1.71
Average Day: 1.29

Today I gimped around all day after our march. Incredible soreness particularly in my ankle. (note: I will resist the temptation to refer to the long footmarches we do as “death marches”. I feel that this is insulting to the veterans of the actual Bataan Death March. Their march was truly hellish. Ours are just stupid.)

In the days leading up to the march, I called SGT Preble, who is going with me on my mission, numerous times. I was hoping that there was some sort of important meeting scheduled for the morning of the march, or if there wasn’t, he would agree to call the company and tell them that we had one. He never answered his phone.

Then I come back from the march, and get a message asking me why I wasn’t at the meeting this morning. So I had an excuse not to do the march after all. F@CK!!!!!


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