I should have stayed out of sight…

Today: +1
Days Rated: 168
Average Day: 1.55

Well, I made the mistake of getting up at 630 and joining the company this morning for PT and a regular day’s work. If I just hadn’t shown up this morning and claimed that I had stuff to do related to outprocessing, nobody would have missed me, since they’d gotten used to not seeing me in the 2 weeks that they were up in Fairbanks.

I got some crap from SGT Uptegrove, because he knew that I didn’t do anything over the last two weeks. Jealousy is a bitch 🙂

The company cleaned weapons thoroughly today. I didn’t have a weapon, so SGT Hunter made me clean Lessard’s. Lessard wasn’t around. He was on pass to see his mom graduate from college.

Tonight, I hung out with Amanda.


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