Cinco De Mayo

Something I didn’t mention in the other May 5 post is that today was Cinco De Mayo.

Some facts about Cinco De Mayo:
1. It is not the Mexican Independence Day
2. It celebrates a Mexican victory in a battle against the French
3. The war started because the British, Spanish and French invaded Mexico because Mexico refused to pay its bills.
4. The British and Spanish gave up and went home, but the French stayed and fought. Amazing, huh?
5. France won the war.

Why this is a holiday is beyond me, but drinking tequila, margaritas and Coronas is fun. Unless you’re on CQ like me and then you get nothing but drunks all night.
What is the French version of Cinco De Mayo? Bastille Day? How about for Germans? Oktoberfest? I guess for Italians, it’s Columbus Day. I want to know when I should celebrate, but I don’t want to drink wine on Bastille Day. The only kind of wine I really like is Mad Dog, and I don’t know if that counts. Well if I’m feeling classy, that pink wine that comes in a box is pretty good, but I prefer Coach Juice.


3 thoughts on “Cinco De Mayo

  1. I think Walpurgusnacht might be a little more like Cinco de Mayo. Oktoberfest lasts longer, and it’s to celebrate the harvest. There’s also the German May Day celebrations. Mein Gott! Those people must be drunk for all the course of May fromt he look of it…!

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