Mommy and Daddy are home!

Today: -1
Days Rated: 164
Average Day: 1.54

We spent most of the early part of today trying to correct a mess on the second floor. The water fountain leaks, and the resulting giant puddle of water made a powdery white mess when mixed with the fresh wax. Mac discovered that a large part of the problem with the water fountain was that someone stuffed corn inside the faucet. Why someone would do this, I have no idea. The individual(S) responsible are probably the same kind of people who take a dump on the toilet seat, throw up in the sink and leave it there, kick over trash cans, spit on the stairs, and generally make anonymous assh@les of themselves. After Mac removed the corn kernels and reassembled the faucet, the water fountain only leaked a little bit.

We tried about everything to clean the mess, including scouring the floor with the green pads, scraping at the white crusty floor with a knife, and putting about 20 more coats of wax on these 12 squares.

Kimball and I took a break for dinner, and we had just gotten our trays at the chow hall, when his phone rang. It was SSG Hernandez. Some of the company was back and Kimball had to open the arms room. So instead of eating dinner, we went back to the company area to unload a tractor trailer full of crap. Oh it was gay.

After that, I got picked to go over to the air force base and shake chutes out. By now, after doing it about 4 times in the last week I am a certified expert in this. It’s not like it is hard though. Nicely was there, and so was Fennerty. However everyone was pretty much on their best behavior. At the end of the night, I was told that I have CQ tomorrow.

NOTE: I’m writing these posts from Fort Benning in early June. It looks like I have internet here. I’ll be here for a week or two until we go to Maryland, then we’ll see what happens.


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