Pure Optimism

Today: +2
Days Rated: 163
Average Day: 1.56

So today at morning formation, SFC Sappa said something that made us all howl with laughter when we were back in the safety of the barracks.

SFC Sappa: All right, there’s not much going on today, so let’s just hit up those police call areas in the morning. Um…after lunch, head back out there and touch them up…

Hahaha, this is funny for two reasons. Did he think that trash was magically going to appear between 11:30 am and 1 pm? Second, it was funny because the only time we even went out to the police call area is when SGT Mac took us out there the first day, two weeks ago. Apparently, some of the other companies have been actually going out to their police call areas daily to pick up litter. Apparently, 7% of the population is gay, too.

We spent the rest of the day smearing wax around and looking busy. By the time we get released, the floors actually look very shiny, perfect for everyone to come back from the field and destroy.

NOTE: At the moment I actually write this post in early June (there’s a month delay), I’m at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. The computers here at the barracks I’m staying at won’t let me use blogspot because they’re censored. However, I have been posting by emailing the posts to my brother, who puts them up for me. Tonight, I’m travelling to Ft. Benning, where I don’t know what the computer situation will be like. Look for regular updates to return (with the month buffer zone) as soon as possible.


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