Self-declared Recovery Day

Today: +4
Days Rated: 161
Average Day: 1.55

So we’re not supposed to have recovery from CQ, because we are allowed to sleep. However, I will tell you that sleeping on a couch that’s not long enough for your body and being awakened every hour by the staff duty officer or NCO banging his way into the barracks (you sit up and rub your eyes, he tells you to go back to sleep and then starts asking you questions like “Where’s the Arms Room”) is not very restful. So after I was relieved I went directly to my barracks for some quality sleep.

I woke up around 3. SGT Mac (recently demoted to SPC Mac, but I keep calling him this out of habit) told me that he asked SSG Lugo “Did anyone show up for work today?” SSG Lugo’s response was simply to shrug.

Kimball and I went to the gym, and then we went to dinner with Shoey. Shoey’s grandmother is critically ill, so he got out of the field so that he could fly home and see her. I took him to the airport.

Amanda was at her father’s house, which is right by the airport, so I stopped by to see her. Her father was at work but her younger brother was home. He’s the middle brother, and he’s 15. He might be headed for Alaska Military Youth Academy next year. Their mother, in an effort to get him to shape up, made about 100 copies of his shameful report card and posted them all over the house. A quick summary: Straight F’s, except a C in Gym, and a D in “Alaskan Wilderness” or something. From the stories I’ve heard about him, I was wary of meeting him, afraid that he would shank me or something. He was actually cool though, and warned me that her father was coming home early so I had time to dive out the window.


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