My new secret mission

Today: +7
Days Rated: 142
Average Day: 1.49

The other day, SSG Nolan came up to me while I was on CQ and asked me if I wanted to volunteer for some secret military intelligence mission. The perks were supposedly going to war earlier than the rest of the unit and staying for less time. I thought about it for a few seconds, shrugged, and said why not.

Today, SSG Nolan approached me in the hall and gave me the following clear and precise instructions.

SSG Nolan: Hey man, you got a smoke?
Coach: No, sergeant, sorry.
SSG Nolan: Ahh, man, how’s your gear looking? Is it clean and stuff?
Coach: Yeah, pretty much.
SSG Nolan: Good, cause you’re going on that MI thing. So get packed and stuff.


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