Day Two of our Descent to Hell

Today: -9
Days Rated: 139
Average Day: 1.80

Our field exercise continued today. After walking 31 miles yesterday, from 1PM until 9 the next morning, we were allowed almost 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep on the floor of some hut.

For those of you military types who like to say, “That’s nothing, why one time we…”, I say, “Good for you, I’m sure you complained about it at the time, which is why I’m doing my duty as an paratrooper and doing so here, the 21st century equivalent of griping while downing beers at the enlisted men’s club.”

Today was a little bit easier, as we drove around in vehicles instead of walking endless miles. Donica and I came to the conclusion that it is very good to be either the driver or the gunner in a truck, as you get out for very little. In our expert opinions, it’s better to be exposed to enemy fire (knocks on wood), freezing from the wind or have your legs go numb than it is to walk even 50 feet.

We got back at around 2 in the morning. Being that tired and behind a machine gun reminds me of a story someone told me about one of their buddies in Afghanistan. This guy fell asleep behind a 50 cal and had a bad dream. He awoke to the sound of himself firing the weapon. He insisted that he’d seen enemies just outside the perimeter, even though the patrols that went out afterwards found nothing. Only by sticking to his story did he avoid getting court martialed. Even though his chain of command was suspicious, no one could prove that there weren’t enemies out there.


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