Brokeback Mountain, Part Two.

Today: -50
Days Rated: 138
Average Day: 1.88

We began this hellish 3 day training mission that we’ve all been dreading. Rumors of companies doing the training and losing half their men to frost bite and the other half to heat exhaustion haunted us.

Ways to tell you’re having a bad day:
1. People keep looking over to you and saying, “What’s this going to get rated in your blog, huh?
2. General Mills is present, cheerful, and loudly making his stupid officer opinions known.
3. You find yourself climbing a giant mountain, and you’re not really sure why.
4. Someone gets frostbite, and you wish it was you, so you could get out of whatever you’re doing.
5. Your platoon sergeant gets on the radio to say that he’s stuck in chest deep snow with one of the gun teams and requests a grappling hook to pull himself out.
6. You’re wearing snowshoes and carrying a machine gun.
7. You tear open your MREs and throw out the nasty bits that you’re not going to eat, so that your pack is lighter. Later that day, you crave the missing “Wheat Snack Bread”
8. You sleep for fifteen minutes in a puddle.
9. Captain K, your fearless platoon leader begins a briefing with “I know this is f*cking stupid, but they want us to…”
10. You’re climbing a half mile long 45 degree icy slope while wearing snowshoes with a machine gun around your neck, in the dark, with night vision goggles not working because there’s a blizzard. Periodically, a private comes rolling down the hill, screaming. You shake your head and press onwards. A few minutes later, one of your snowshoes comes off. You reach for it and slide fifty feet down the incline, erasing all the progress you’ve made in the last 45 minutes.

Obviously didn’t go to the gym today, but here’s April 2 or so.
Squat: 307.9 +6.4
Bench 335.5 +1.5
Deadlift: 405.8 +1.7
Total 1049.0
Rating: Cripple


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