No More Fennerty

Above: Fennerty and I.

Today: +3
Days Rated: 137
Average Day: 2.26

Today we got off work super early, because we have to go out to the field for this dreaded training, and we’re going to miss the weekend. We were supposed to get released at 9, but as Coach-stradamus predicted, it was more like 10:30.

I ran some errands and had lunch with Amanda at this Mexican place. Steak and enchilada together, they’re geniuses.

In sports news, Fennerty is no longer my team leader. He got promoted to sergeant, and now Lessard is in charge of me. Fennerty got moved to another platoon, and we got this guy, Olsen. Much to Donica’s delight, he’s a World of Warcraft fanatic. If WOW were drugs, Donica would be standing on a corner, selling little packets to schoolchildren. Olsen on the other hand, would be laying in an alleyway, eyes rolled back in his head, white powder caked to his nostrils. Oh yeah, he loves the Warcraft, even more than my crappy analogies can show. Olsen is a great artist and a really smart guy. He will fit nicely in with the other “rascals”, namely Donica, White and I, tormenting those in charge of us.

(I didn’t work out today, but I’m a little behind, this is like March 31 or so)
Squat: 301.3 +1.1
Bench: 334.0 +0.9
Deadlift: 404.1 +8.3
Total: 1039.4 +10.9
Rating: Yup, still gay.


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