As a responsible web journalist, it is expected that I occasionally tell the truth. CPL Fennerty has long claimed that I use this blog as an opportunity to “vilify” him to the point where he is viewed by the thousands of soldiers and civilians who read this blog as a loathsome character similar to Sarge from “Beetle Bailey” or Major Thorn from “Sgt. Bilko”. I cannot comment on these hurtful allegations.

I would like however to correct a previous post for an inaccuracy which somehow slipped in. During our last urinalysis, at no time did CPL Fennerty utter his trademark phrase “Hurry Up”. When he appeared in the room, he merely glared at me, glanced at his watch, shook his head, gave me a dirty look, asked where SGT Uptegrove was, and left.

I regret this reporting error, and I’ve changed the original post to reflect reality. I appreciate CPL Fennerty fact-checking my blog, and would like to thank him for tormenting me and providing material for this blog. It is my fondest hope that the blog will make him (in)famous, like Lee Ermey, and someday he will be able to live off his notoriety, hosting shows on the History Channel, and making public appearances where fans of my blog ask him to sign autographs, show them his teeth, and tell them to “Hurry UP”.


2 thoughts on “Correction

  1. Why is it you can’t simply state the facts as a responsible web journalist. I didn’t glare at you, but i did look at my watch because i had to go to a detail. That’s fine if you want to convey a sense of humor on everything, but don’t state that it’s fact if it never happened. You may find this stuff funny, but you of all people should realize the job and all it entails. I hate to say this, but i’m actually glad that you won’t have anymore to write about me now that i’m not in first platoon.

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